Buy Puppy Love              Policy
All puppies are shipped out by American, Delta, Frontier, or Continental Airlines. Shipping starts
at $245.00 and goes up to $315.00 depending on weather, the size and weight of the puppy or
Dog. Also a pet taxi is required for shipping, that is an additional $45.00 to $100.00 depending
on the size of the pup or dog. There is a $45.00 pick up fee, this is to cover transaction fee and
certificate of health fee for the 1 year health guarantee.
All Residents of MO will be charged a Mo Sales tax of 6.475% of your total.
All puppies will have vet exams done prior to shipping. They will be required to be seen by your
personal vet with in 48 hrs of receiving the puppy, or their health guarantee will be void.

All Deposits and/ or payments are final and non refundable. We ship in the
USA and some
places in Canada. If you live out of the country you will have to be responsible for your picking
up the puppy.  So please don't make a payment unless you are very serious on buying the
If you pay for a puppy and decide to not get the puppy because of one of the following
reasons: You want a different puppy, can't get a puppy by a certain date, hard ship, or just a
change in mind, you will lose your money on the puppy you put the deposit on to begin with.
You will then be required to place a new deposit on the new puppy of your choice. So please,
before making your deposit, be sure you have selected the puppy you wish to purchase! There
are no guarantee on weight. We estimate weights are determined by using a puppy chart. This
can change do to over feeding and sometimes just growing faster then expected.
Thank you and God Bless.
  • If the puppy is being shipped to you, you must be paid in Full before the puppy can be vet
  • If you are picking your puppy up, you must pay for at least half the price of the puppy
    before it can be vet checked.
  • If you pick the puppy up after the available date there will be a $5 per day holding charge
    for small breeds and large breeds are $10 a day. (email if you have questions regarding this)
  • If you are getting the puppy micro chipped, neutered, or ears cropped the procedure must
    be paid for before it can be done.
  • Any questions regarding this information please email or call