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Health Guarantee I guarantee this puppy from any MAJOR GENETIC health defects causing death for one year from date of birth. I guarantee 24 months for hip Dysplasia, except for problems arising from accidents, lack of care, or improper nutrition. I check the hearing and sight and to the best of my knowledge, there is nothing wrong with either the eyes or ears. There is NO Guarantee of hearing or eyesight because they are not seen by a specialist. This puppy is in good health as far as the seller knows. The buyer has 48 hours after receiving the puppy to take the puppy to a licensed veterinarian. If not seen by a veterinarian within the transfer date. This health guarantee is voided. If upon examination the veterinarian finds any life-threatening condition, the buyer must notify the seller at once. Documentation from a licensed veterinarian must be provided to the seller. The seller will replace the puppy with one of equal value as soon as one is available. NO REFUNDS, of any kind, will be granted. Seller will not be responsible for veterinarian charges of any kind. All shipping costs are buyers' responsibilities. There is a 3-day health guarantee upon arrival on viruses ( i.e. Parvo/Coccidiosis, etc...)causing death. I reserve the right to refuse replacement of any puppy return for temperament or hip problems caused by owner negligence or abuse. This includes but not limited to overfeeding, excessive exercise, improper socialization. Any dog that is altered prior to one year of age via surgical procedure (i.e. Neutered/Spayed, hip surgery, etc...) will be exempt; hence, the buyer will not be entitled to a replacement puppy. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will cash be refunded, at any time. Buyers will receive a health record for a puppy at the time of purchase and are responsible for maintaining any and all health records after purchase, otherwise, the purchase guarantee is voided. This contract is non-transferable.
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