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Avery Woodard


First time buying a puppy.

Since this was my first puppy, I was a bit nervous and not very knowledgeable with the buying/shipping process. Regina made everything so easy by taking the time to explain things to me. She was always reachable and quick to respond any questions during the buying process. Once I bought Max I had to wait 3 weeks until he arrived. Regina sent me videos of my puppy within that time and called me once he passed his veterinary health check. Once he was ready to be shipped, she confirmed everything to make sure everything was in order. My puppy was delivered to me without any issues, the driver was also very professional, and caring. He called me the day before with notice of arrival and within the hour so I had enough time to meet him. Before he gave me my puppy he doubled checked my puppy’s paperwork and handed it to me with my puppy. I am very happy with my puppy and the entire experience. I would and will definitely recommend Regina in the future. This has been a great experience



Regina is a bringer of joy and a breath of fresh air!!! My family has suffered so much loss in the last year and we wanted a companion around the house to bring a little joy to us while we heal. I searched EVERYWHERE for a Boston Terrier pup and because I was so eager and vulnerable I almost fell victim to more scams than I’d like to admit. I finally stumbled across Bonnie and Tammy. Courtesy of Regina’s posting on a few sites. Still being skeptical I called Regina to inquire about Bonnie and instantly I felt safe. The whole way through she made sure I was reassured whether it was showing me references or using the payment I’d felt most safe with. I always had the option to figure out the cheapest way to do things for my benefit as well, it was like a dream come true for us. In less than a month I had the most beautiful amazing little pup I could ever dream of having I’d honestly recommend her to anyone in need of a companion to love. Signed, The Georges



Her name is Stella, instead of Bella because she's so ornery. 😂 She is so loved so much by everyone already, she sleeps pretty good at night in her crate and doing great on potty training, knock on wood. Here are just a few pictures we have taken so far! 💝🌸💝




Frenchton: we are very happy with our new girl Seraphina, the process went great and Regina answered all my stupid questions! Seraphina is healthy and happy we love her so much! Potty trained quickly she is very smart and stubborn! Thank you for everything!



Chihuahua: I was looking for a puppy to be part of our family. After looking for months, I found <s. Regina. Our experience with her was very positive, every time I contacted she replied very cast., We love our puppy, and if one day we decide to get another one, I will use her again.


What our customers write about us

What you write here is up to you.


Name: Timothy Skarin
Phone number: 6129866258
Breed: Rottweiler
Feedback: We had such a great experience with Regina. She got back to me immediately and I was able to get my new puppy very quickly. She is very loving and accommodating when it comes to her pups. I would strongly recommend adopting through her if you want a beautiful puppy.

Name: Nikki Naylor
Phone number: 563-794-1949
Breed: Rottweiler
Feedback: I purchased a beautiful male Rotti. All of the puppies I saw were well-taken care of and socialized well. Pup is already using the dog door.

Name: Corinne Fields
Phone number: 9134492825
Breed: Great Dane
Feedback: We bought our Great Dane puppy from Regina, and are delighted with him. Logistics and delivery were handled very professionally!

Name: Andrew
Phone number: 5635888975
Breed: Great Dane
Feedback: Beautiful Puppy Healthy and Full of Energy Had a hard day on Friday with all the flying to get, here Again, thank you. Andy

Name: Nicole Bradshaw
Phone number: 219-644-7960
Breed: Rottweiler
Feedback: The process was easy. Everything you need is right there on the website. If you have extra questions, the staff is wonderful. I was worried about buying a puppy online but the staff put my mind at ease. 

Name: Jos Romero
Phone number : (913)2279666
Breed: Rottweiler
Feedback: We are really happy with our new member of my family Tyson we very satisfied with the process to get the puppy and we give her the highest recommendation.

Name: Jenna Doughty
Phone number: 9707448531
Breed: Rottweiler
Feedback: I just want to say I could not have gotten my puppy from a better owner. My puppy is absolutely amazing. She's really well behaved she listens so well and she is wonderful with my 1-year-old son. I highly recommend looking to Regina if you are thinking about buying a puppy.

Name: Lonna Depuy
Phone number: 845 857 4488
Breed: Boston terrier
Feedback: I enjoyed my entire experience of finding my puppy and then getting him. He's beyond full of energy, playful and more importantly, he looks extremely healthy and happy. Thank you, Regina

Name: Daniel Martinez
Phone number: 720-272-1982 Breed: Boston terrier Feedback: Regina at puppy love was fantastic and my puppy is the best puppy ever. I give Puppy Love a 110% rating.

Name: Mark Campbell
Breed: Great Dane
Feedback: A very precious and sweet little girl arrived in Nevada today. My wife was filled with joy as we picked her up at the airport. Thank you!

Name: Daniel
Phone number: 314 area code
Breed: Boston Terrier
Feedback: We've had our little Boston for a bit more than a month now. He's a total sweetie and Regina helped answer all of my questions as well as facilitated getting some more pictures of a pup before the day we brought him home. He came from Donna who told me all about the puppy they were both great to work with thank you so much... AAA++

Name: Steve Fisher
Phone number: 208-339-8474
Breed: Boston Terrier
Feedback: Today arrived our beautiful new Boston Terrier Candy. She is healthy and beautiful and appears to be very social. Very pleased with the service of and Regina. Thank you for everything.

Name: Susan Ward
Breed: Boston Terrier
Feedback: Hi, I bought a little Boston terrier from Regina and she flew in at the airport on August 8, 2014. And I was not disappointed at all! My niece actually bought her boy 7 months ago and at first, I was like eww why a Boston? Now I am like wow they are such amazing dogs.. Thanks again..

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Name: Kayla Emmett
Breed: Boston Terrier
Feedback: Hi everyone! I bought my Boston terrier puppy from Regina back in March and he is by far the best puppy I have ever owned! He is such a good boy, smart, loving, and loves kids a lot! He is such a beautiful dog and I get asked all the time where did I buy him. Thank You!

Name: Lisa Rawson
Phone number: 573-701-4448
Breed: German Shepard
Feedback: I just want to say we are very happy with the German Shephards that we bought. We are working on sit and leash training and both going well. Thanks again Regina we love their names are Jake (Stephen) and Smoky (Hinder).

Name: Yunkyong
Breed: Pomeranian
Feedback: I am very impressed by the service this provides. It would have been about 10 hours driving for me to get Hickory and bring him to STL. However, offered very good service to bring my dog here at a very low cost. I didn't need to travel at all.

Name: Chris Reno
Breed: Boston Terrier
Feedback: Absolutely luv luv our Boston. He is a unique Liver and White and everyone that sees him loves him also. His name is Harley ( almost named him Sir Licksalot ) Regina was very professional and informative. Have recommended her to everyone I know...

Name: Aimee
Breed: Rottweiler
Feedback: Love~Love my Rotties!!! We purchased 2 Rotties from Regina. A female in January & a male in June. Both are super great dogs! I was a nervous wreck with my 1st purchase, as I had never made an online purchase like this before. Regina was very helpful throughout the whole transaction.

Name: Reg Obosky Phone number :
Breed: Vizsla
Feedback: Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful puppy. she is very active, loving, healthy, and smart we love her. Thank you

Name: Amy Diehl
Phone number: 720-475-6612
Breed: Pomeranian
Feedback: My puppy is the greatest dog ever! He is very sweet, smart, and adorable! Thank you for such a wonderful pet!

Name Katie W.
Breed: Pug
Feedback: Ill admit, I was really nervous about buying a puppy online. But since Sebastian (Jason) came into my life, I couldn't be happier! Thank you for this happy, healthy, well-socialized little pug!

Name: Pauline L
Phone number: 540 899 9714
Breed: Doberman Pincher
Feedback: We picked up our puppies from the airport today, Gia(now Ziva) and Lakota(now Jackson) are just beautiful. Thanks, Regina

Name Theresa G.
Phone number: 417-274-6263
Breed: Rottweiler
Feedback: The whole experience was great. Once we picked out our puppy we wanted him as quickly as possible. Regina was very accomodating and made sure the whole process worked smoothly. Our new puppy is perfect. He is happy, healthy, and fits in with our family perfectly.

Name: Kerry fisher
Phone number: 573-325-4651
Breed: pomeranian
Feedback: we have had Gracie (maggie) for 3 weeks and she is very spoiled already. wouldn't trade her for anything. she is part of the family. Thank you we will recommend you to everyone.

Name: Linda c
Phone number: 603 842 2034
Breed: rottweiler
Feedback: So I bought an 8-week old Rottie from Regina for my 6-year-old daughter for Xmas, I would like anyone whos thinking about buying a puppy from this company that this was the most pleasant experience I have had. Regina was very helpful with any questions I had and made the whole experience easy. Thank you.

Name: Jeff Coffey
Phone number: 417-434-0188
Breed: Rottweiler
Feedback: We can not be happier with BamBam, now Zeus - he is fantastic and our vet is impressed! Jeff & Nina along with Zeus, Joplin MO

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Name: molly Cossey
Phone number: 573-200-2177
Breed: Pomeranian
Feedback: the puppy that I bought from Regina 6 weeks ago is perfect!! she is exactly what I have been looking for and Regina was wonderful to do business with. would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a quality puppy at reasonable prices and great people to work with. Recommend.

Name: Kallie Dunn
Phone number: 417-260-1212
Breed: teacup pomeranian Feedback: got mac...well his name is now Jinx the other day...He is so playful and healthy....thanks had a very smooth and great experience with you for answering my questions and helping with the experience...I'm having fun with my little one, thank you.

Name: Ashley
Breed: Shiba Inu
Feedback: We picked up our Shiba Inu puppy on New Year's eve 2010. Indie will be 2 in October. We couldn't be happier with our pick of breed and the breeder. We can't go out in public without getting comments on our dog! We are getting ready to get our second this fall. you will be hearing from me. thx

Name: Scott and Angel Carlock
Breed: Vizsla
Feedback: We are in LOVE w Lilly and she is such a delightful puppy. She had her first vet visit everyone in the office came in to see her. She is healthy. She is a good size and a beautiful little lady. She is also getting along well with her new big brother Toulon

Name: Tara Stoicescu
Breed: Vizsla
Feedback: I just wanted to thank you for our beautiful vizsla puppy. "Turbo" is already loved and spoiled and is part of the family. We are so happy with him, and he has been a perfect fit for our family. Thank you!

Name: Donna Starks
Phone number: 9038344239
Breed: Chihuahua
Feedback: My new baby flew in today and she is more than I had envisioned. I love her and she got a glowing report on her health check!

Name : Erika D. & Rosa D. & Luis D.
Phone number: 1-(401)-722-3604
breed: Chihuahua (Choco., Tan, White)
Feedback: We Absolutely Love Our Female Chihuahua !!! Recently Named Sulea, Is Now Named Erielle. She is A Beautiful Little Girl & So Smart & Loves To Run & Play !!! She Has Vet Checks Regularly & Does Really Well. They Adore Her & All My Neighbors, Family, Friends First

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Name: Shelly
Phone number: 303-979-0536
Breed: teacup pomeranian
Feedback: We LOVE our new puppy!! Regina was awesome and very honest to work with. We could not have asked for a better puppy. THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!! We just love him!!!

Name: Shelby
Breed: Corgi
Feedback: Hey Regina! I just wanted to say thank you very much for bringing Carmin into our lives. She is so sweet and full of energy! She fits right into the family. Thanks for working with me and hope all is well for you and yours! Thanks again! Shelby, Rene

Name: Stephanie
Breed: chihuahua
Feedback: we absolutely love Bambi thank you so much for helping us bring this bundle of joy home

Name: PC Brady
Phone number: 864-878-5992
Breed: Vizsla
Feedback: Pleasant experience from the time we first showed interest until the puppy arrived, yesterday. He is a happy, healthy pup and we would definitely refer others to Buy Puppy Love.

Name: Shannon McNealy
Breed: Great Dane
Feedback: Hi Regina!!! I just wanted to thank you for blessing me with Rupert

Name: Sarah Gwinn
Phone number : (408)710-8875
Breed: French Bulldog
Feedback: Regina did a great job getting my puppy to me asap and completely healthy. My dog Winston is settling down nicely and it's all thanks to Regina and her crew! Thanks again!

Name: Natalie Olson
Phone number : (608)-475- 3194
Breed: Great Dane
Feedback: Our experience with buy puppy love was fantastic. Everything was smooth and quick. Our puppy's name is Goliath, he arrived at us in perfect condition. Were so excited he's finally here!!! First online purchase thank you for making it easy.

Name: Alistair
Phone number: 561-273-9035
breed: Chihuahua
Feedback: We are very pleased with our baby chihuahua.Mrs.Tanner did an excellent job all around.

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